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August 26-28 2021, The Salon of the Sfinx 7 pm

Freedom and freedom to love are the themes of the Salon of the Sphinx of 2021. Capri has always been the safe haven of a non conventional lifestyle, also in terms of sexual orientation. In times where sexual rights are still denied in many countries, we invite the Italian and international visitors on the island to three days of fun, beauty and culture in a totally open spirit.
The festival opens with an exhibit of objects and furniture by the internationally acclaimed Swedish designer Monica Förster in collaboration with the Bosnian design firm Zanat. Here, minimalist design and century old craftsmanship unite in beautifully executed shapes and textures.
After the vernissage, welcome to Villa San Michele’s out door stage with a show of one of Rome’s Drag Queens, Cristina Prenestina, the name Cristina to honor the gender fluid Swedish queen of the 17th century.
Friday, one of Italy’s most well known transsexual actresses, Eva Robin’s, reads parts of a surprise play from the stage and continues the evening with a conversation with another female pioneer. Madre Vittoria Longhitano was recently appointed bishop in the Anglican Church and weds LGBTQ couples. Being a woman priest in a catholic country is often seen as provocative, just like Eva Robin’s transsexuality. They will exchange experiences and talk about gender in the world of entertainment, culture and spirituality.
Last but not least, a Pas de deux by and with Costantino Imperatore and Denny Lodi, known for the Italian audience as participants in the talent show Amici. In 2015 their performance of a tormented homosexual love story and the longing for a family won a prize in the International dance contest Tripidium Ballet.
Saturday it is time for the opening of yet another exhibit, Axel Munthe and the Pilgrims of Beauty” (I pellegrini della bellezza). The granddaughter of the founder of Villa San Michele, Axel Munthe, has taken the initiativ to illustrate the story of northern European authors and artists at the turn of the 20th century, who travelled to the the Mediterranean countries In search for beauty and sometimes sexual freedom. The exhibit consists of their books and photographs by the eccentric German photographer Wilhelm von Golden (1856-1931) and the American painter Massimilano Kornmüller (1964-). In the garden, young actor describe the exhibit with tableaux vivants.
Grand final with the directors and actors of the film of the moment, Maschile Singolare by the debutant directors Alessandro Guida e Matteo Pilati. This ’’gay dramedy” featuring Giancarlo Commare and Carlo Calderone, has been well received by the audience as a natural and realistic description of homosexual love.