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The Gardener

The gardener at Villa San Michele, Raffaele Scarpato, is a true artist. Since 1998 he has been in charge of Axel Munthe’s impressive garden, in later years with the help of an assistant.
The climate on Capri is very variable. In winter, the storms arrive, sometimes even snowstorms. Spring is windy and rainy, summer hot and steamy, autumn mild. Every season has its scents and colours and almost everything that grows in the garden is renewed year after year in our greenhouse.
There are many problems to be solved. Latterly, the Villa's cypress avenue has been hit by a parasite and requires special treatment.
It is thanks to our gardeners that Villa San Michele won the prestigious Most Beautiful Private Park in Italy prize in 2014. The glorious beauty of this garden is an expression of Munthe's genius and their passion and hard work.