A magical place

Villa San Michele on Capri in Italy is a magical place that should be experienced. Some people speak of feng shui perfection, about a crossroads for magnetic flows, and others about its enchanting beauty. Villa San Michele is undoubtedly unique and a living example of the dream that became a reality.

The soul needs...

The soul needs more space than the body

is a saying cleverly coined and perhaps devoutly believed by Axel Munthe. Was he perhaps like Icarus, when from the heights of Capri’s steep cliffs he stretched out for more

My home shall be open for the sun and the wind and the voices of the sea – like a Greek temple – and light, light, light everywhere!

Villa San Michele has won the prestigious award “Italy’s Most Beautiful Garden”.
With a sense of longing

Villa San Michele is a place for people who are longing, dreaming and seeking answers.

A place where international encounters and dialogues between people from all corners of the earth can occur in peace and beauty in this magical setting.

I highly recommend that you take a look.

Welcome – you are in good company!

Staffan de Mistura

Director of Villa San Michele
Consul of Sweden in Capri

Book your event at Villa San Michele!
Cafe Casa Oliv

Villa San Michele is the ideal venue for various types of events and arrangements. We have hosted everything from weddings to conferences. You are most welcome to contact us to discuss your needs, prerequisites and wishes. Book your event at San Michele by contacting us at events@sanmichele.org

Café Casa Oliv
Café Casa Oliv

Café Casa Oliv was opened in 2011 after having been renovated from being Josef Oliv’s home into a popular café with a wonderful view. The renovation was made possible by financial support from The Barbro Osher Pro Suecia Foundation and Gärsnäs AB.
OPEN: April–November, daily except Fridays from 09.00–18.00 (Fridays 09.00–22.00)
MENU: Download the menu here (PDF)

Guided tours
Barbarossa at San Michele

Every Thursday from April to the end of September, the San Michele Foundation organises guided tours to Monte Barbarossa. During the hour-long walk participants can discover more about typical Mediterranean plant life, hear about the history of Castello Barbarossa, and find out about current research into migratory birds. Read more!